Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Great Minnesota Get Together

My little sister and I at A Fabulous Fair Alphabet on Machinery Hill

It's that time of year again!!! The State Fair is here and though that means (for me anyways) that school is almost here, I still look forward to it every year. My sister, Mom and I go the first day of The Fair and then we usually go again with my Dad. Every year the fair lasts 12 days. this year it goes from August 27th to September 7th.

Things to do at the fair:

1. Eat some food.
One of the top reasons why The Fair is so awesome!
 Twist Ice Cream cones with my
 sister from the Dairy Building
Pronto Pup! (I may
have had 3 over 2 days)
Cheese Curds!

Sweet Martha's Cookies

Fresh French Fries

Apple Cider Freeze (so good
for hot days spent outside)

Deep Fried Resse's
Peanut Butter Cups 

 2. Learn.
We meet the President,
First lady and their dog Bo
With my mom. We think
math is cool
Visit the education building.
Visit Math on a stick (new this year). Located on Machinery Hill visit here for fun for your whole fair day. 
Get educated about the upcoming elections.
Walking History Tour (also a good way to make sure you cover the whole fair).
Visit A Fabulous Fair Alphabet.
Go to one of the many themed days at The Fair. (For example STEM day which is typically the first day)

3. Support a good cause.
There is a booth for practically every local organization so you can go learn about one you have already heard of
 or find something new but it is a wonderful opportunity to get
 inspired by local organizations.

4. Giant Slide 
At The Fair there are many rides and different attractions. I have grown up going to The Fair but we never did the midway or any of that stuff but for some reason we always went on the Giant Slide. It is definitely one of my must-dos every year. 

5. Sing a song
The Giant Sing Along located on top of Machinery hill and plays a rotation of 50 songs. These songs have a wide range in genre and vary in age making it a great activity for the entire family!

There is still plenty of time to go to The Minnesota Sate Fair to eat some deep fried food on a stick and get inspired!

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