Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Facing Your Fears

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Ferris wheel at Valleyfair
Everyone is afraid of something, big or small. I would say that I have more fears than the average person. Facing your fears can be a very scary task. I try to face my fears occasionally, but facing your fears might not be a walk in the park. Earlier this summer I went to Valleyfair with some of my friends. For those of you that don’t know, Valleyfair is an outdoor amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota. One of my many fears is ferris wheels. According to my parents, I loved them when I was younger, but now I hate them. I think it’s because of the height combined with the swinging. I really don’t know! So when we were at Valleyfair, I went on the ferris wheel. I was with friends who were trying to make me feel better because I was really nervous. I did it! Although I wouldn’t say that I was calm the entire time, but I did it. Just because you face a fear it doesn’t mean that you are instantly going to overcome your fear. But, at least you know you can handle it. I wouldn’t say that I’m over my fear, but I’m getting there. I know that I can handle it. I’ve learned that a tip for facing your fear is to take baby steps. If you are afraid of the ocean, don’t go swimming in it.  Spend a couple minutes dipping your toes in it, then take a break.  Eventually, you will build up the confidence you need to take on your fear.  So if you want to face a fear of yours, do it. Even if you don’t fully overcome it you make progress towards overcoming your fear by doing this. You might even realize that it’s stupid and nothing you have to worry about anymore. Even just giving it a try makes you feel really good. Good luck!

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