Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: A Year in review

So being 2015 is coming to a close I wanted to share some of my favorite things that I have experienced or heard about. For me 2015 was a year of new things, of firsts. 2015 was definitely not a bad year. So here is my list of 2015 favorites in no specific order.

1. I started my Freshman year of High School.

Despite what people say from my first 4 months of High school I can tell you that it is definitely not an awful or scary place. It is a place full of amazing opportunities from theater to sports to more challenging classes to the social aspects. Though I don’t know how many new friends I have really made so far but I personally have grown closer with the ones I currently have.

2. I attended NerdCon:Stories.

My mom and I after a full day at NerdCon.
On October 9th and 10th I got to attend this amazing event at the Minneapolis Convention center. This event was created by Hank Green and Patrick Rothfuss for people who love stories. It didn’t matter what types or how these stories are shared. This convention had a wide range of special guests from authors like John Green and Rainbow Rowell, to rappers like Dessa Darling, to actors like the cast of Welcome to Night Vale, to activists like Jackson Bird, to singers like Harry and the Potters and Paul & Storm, to YouTubers like Vlogbrothers (John and Hank Green) and Rosianna Halse Rojas. There was even a Giant Squid! Coming into this event I didn’t know who the majority of the guests but I left excited to learn more about them and experience more of their creations. Not only did I get to meet some of these special guests I also got to meet other people my age who loved stories just as much as I do. This year was the first year of NerdCon and will be held again next year. I can’t wait to go again!

3. I (we) earned my (our) Silver Award!

Yes as you may have guessed this is my Girl Scout Silver Award project, along with Haley’s and Julia”s. After about 2 years of hard work we got our project officially approved by the Girl Scout Council. So thank you to everyone who helped and supported us through this amazing experience. I personally can’t wait to start my Gold Award.

I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!
I wish you all a Happy New Years!
~ Abby

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